Saving Zimbabwe

Saving Zimbabwe

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"This book will serve so many different groups of people: those who love Africa, those who love Zimbabwe, those who love Jesus, those who want to see reconciliation, those who are looking for hope, those who want to serve and help ..."
Johannes Baratta, Managing Director - Deutsche Bank

"This book is a call to all sons and daughters of Zimbabwe, black or white, Ndebele or Shona, Kalanga or Sotho, to put their difference aside and work together towards making Zimbabwe the jewel of Africa again."
Muchengetwa Bgoni, Zimbabwean Diaspora

Saving Zimbabwe is a powerful story. It has all the potential to show all Zimbabweans feeling disenchanted with their leaders, that Christianity when properly lived, can bring blessings and favor to everyone involved.
Artwell Moyo, Zimbabwean Diaspora

"I recommend it to anyone who is interested in knowing why Zimbabwe is in the state it is today and what is needed to turn it around."
Senator David Coltart, Zimbabwe

"This book does not only provide heavenly strategies for Zimbabwe, but a way forward that will change people and their societies to the glory of God."
Robert Ricciardelli, Visionary Advancement Strategies, USA


Saving Zimbabwe

is the gripping story of a group of extraordinary black and white Zimbabweans who lived together forming "The Community of Reconciliation." They chose love over hate and integration over segregation. They believed in harmony over discord and that loving your former enemies was a higher way of life. Against all odds they succeeded in transforming a region of the nation into a life-giving community. By example they demonstrated that the course of Zimbabwe could be changed, and provided a working model for the road ahead.

Tragically, on November 25th 1987, the sixteen white members of the Community made the ultimate sacrifice and were martyred. Their killers thought they were "liberating" their people but in fact drove the black community back under the oppressive forces of poverty.  Why did they die?  This book takes you on a journey to discover the answer to that haunting question and more.

With the current atrocities being committed under President Robert Mugabe's government, the message of Saving Zimbabwe is needed more than ever.  The country needs transformation which must start in the heart of her people.  The destiny of a nation and millions of lives are at stake.

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